8 December 2023
The CEO of Helal-Ahmar Investment Company emphasized:

"Adherence to commitments" as a principle in Helal-Ahmar Investment Company

The CEO of Halal-Ahmar Investment Company emphasized "adherence to commitments" as a principle in this company in a meeting with the representative of Wali Faqih in Jamiat.

According to the public relations report of Red Crescent Investment Company, on Tuesday, January 19, Dr. Ali Salehi, in a meeting with Hojjatul-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Moazi, representative of the religious jurist in Red Crescent Society, presented a complete report on the recent activities and ongoing actions of this company.

Emphasizing that the activities of this company will be followed within the framework of the defined missions, he added: We have tried to solve the challenges of this complex by using expert human resources; Also, completing half-finished projects, speeding up the implementation of future projects, reactivating the trading company and creating departments such as public relations, forming an audit and enforcement committee, following up on legal cases,

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